Reid's focus is on her richly developed characters, not just 2014 CHATELAINE AWARDcostumes and carriages. She has filled her well-conceived saga with a complex and compelling cast... This well-researched and beautiful Regency romance will appeal to anyone who has ever loved and (almost) lost. A stunning and refreshing novel in the Regency genre. -- 5-star review by Barbara Bamberger Scott for Chanticleer Books



Words. What magical and mysterious things!

Using little arrangements of letters on a page, a writer can take you someplace you’ve never been. She can take you forward or back, to a time no one really knows, and make it seem real.

With a different assortment of letters, she can draw you into a story simple or complex, light or dark, and persuade you it really could have happened.

And if she can just find the right words, she can take you inside a stranger’s heart.

We all need goals to strive for, and those are mine.

The place is England. The time is the early 1800s – the Regency.

My stories are small. Intimate. You’ll find no warring armies, no sweeping sagas. They’re historical, because I love history. And they’re romance, because the world needs happy endings.

In Learning to Waltz, I introduce you to Deborah and Evan. I know them as well as I know myself, and I hope that you, too, will catch a glimpse into their hearts. Let me know if I’ve found the right words.

Enter my world…

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