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Kerryn grew up the daughter of a professor in a New England college town. But her mother was a devotee of ‘Olde’ England – its antiques, mystery novels and vacation opportunities. As a girl, Kerryn spent a year in England and another in Ireland, with several shorter trips for good measure.

After high school, she traveled around the British Isles with her best friend, using trains and thumbs. Perhaps inevitably, they fell in love with a couple of Irish lads – oh, those gorgeous accents! Roaming the Rock of Cashel in the dark with your first love? Totally illicit, totally romantic!

Her love for the man didn’t last. But a piece of Kerryn’s heart still lives "across the pond," where so many adventures took place – as well as the Regency romances she loves. So when the itch to write needed scratching, that’s where her imagination took her. 

Kerryn married another man, acquired a house in Florida, a dog and two children. The boys have flown the coop now, but one has brought his awesome wife into the family. The dogs are different, but there are still dogs. And the love of her life is still at her side, trimming the hedges and dreaming up tag lines. He’ll never have an Irish accent, but he’s amazing!


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