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Award-winning author KERRYN REID
~First Place for Regency, Chatelaine Awards for Historical Romance (Chanticleer Books)
~Gold Medal for Romance, Royal Palm Awards (Florida Writers Assoc.)
~Silver Medal for Romance, President's Book Awards (Florida Authors & Publishers Assoc.)

Raised in a New England college town, Kerryn inherited her mother’s passion for the British Isles. At seventeen, she roamed the Rock of Cashel after-hours with her first love, a local Irish lad. So illicit, so romantic… and so unsustainable. Instead she married her college sweetheart and wound up in Florida, where they’ve lived long enough to feel like natives.

But a piece of Kerryn's heart still lives "across the pond" where so many adventures took place—as well as the Regency romances she loves. So when the itch to write needs scratching, that's where her imagination goes to create another tender, heartfelt historical tale about love, fear, and persistence. Enjoy the journey to a new happy-ever-after!


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