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Anna's Refuge -- Kerryn Reid

Anna's Refuge
Wrackwater Bridge, Book One

Desperate choices face an unwed mother and the man who loves her in Regency England.

Lewis Aubrey has grown up in the malignant shadow of his brother, Gideon. In London for the first time, with no thought of love, he is beguiled by Miss Anna Spain. Gideon steals her away and then tosses her aside like a wilted rose. Months later, horrified to learn that Anna carries Gideon’s child, Lewis tracks her down amid the grit of industrial Leeds. He’s desperate to protect her—but can he survive marriage, believing she still yearns for his brother?

Trusting and naïve, dreaming of a love that’s glorious and timeless, Anna falls for Gideon Aubrey and his lies. When he casts her aside in the middle of a ball, Lewis shields her from gossip. He becomes her rock in a world of anguish, and she grows to love him very much indeed. But what kind of woman would condemn a man to a marriage he cannot possibly want, raising a child not his own? Somehow, these two tattered souls must escape Gideon’s shadow and find their way to happiness, for the child’s sake…and for their own.

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Learning to Waltz -- Kerryn Reid



Learning to Waltz -- Regency Historical  

FIRST PLACE Regency -- 2014 Chatelaine Awards for Romance Fiction sponsored by Chanticleer Book Reviews

Deborah Moore has learned her lessons well–feel nothing, reveal less, and trust no one. Now widowed with a child of her own, she leads a lonely, cloistered existence, counting her farthings and thinking she is safe. When five-year-old Julian is lost one bitter December day, she discovers how tenuous that safety is.

Evan Haverfield has lived thirty carefree years, hunting, laughing, and dancing among London’s high society. His biggest problem has been finding excuses not to marry. But his life changes when he finds Julian Moore half-frozen under a hedge and carries him home to his mother. The young widow hides behind a mask, hard and reserved, but Evan sees glimpses of another woman, wistful, intelligent, and passionate. She’s vulnerable, desirable—and completely unsuitable for the heir to Northridge.

Alone in the earliest hours of a new year, Evan teaches Deborah to waltz. Can he teach her joy and laughter? Will love sweep away the shadows of her past and reveal the luminous woman she could be?

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From Florida with Love -- Kerryn Reid

“Butterfly in a Hurricane” -- Contemporary romance novella
From Florida with Love: Sunrise & Stormy Skies --
Ten stories from Southwest Florida Romance Writers

FIRST PLACE Unpublished Novella -- 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards sponsored by the Florida Writers Association

The story:
Lydia DiMarco is a young woman with beauty and brains, and no idea what to do with them. She also has Asperger’s Syndrome. Hiding away in her little house in Bonita Springs, she’s doing just fine, thank you… until she falls in love with a cop.

When Lee County Deputy Roy Fuentes stops Lydia for speeding, he sees the beauty of a butterfly, fragile and vulnerable. But if he’s Type A, she must be Type Z. He wants her. But can he catch her? And even if he does, can they possibly find happiness in the middle of the alphabet?

The book:
Here in Southwest Florida, we know a lot about the power of hurricanes.
We know a lot about the power of love, too. We know love can survive storms of all kinds, and these ten new stories from Southwest Florida Romance Writers prove it. Within these pages, love comes to rich and poor, young and old. It lurks on the beach, in town, and in Florida’s agricultural heartland. It might creep up on you… or it might strike with the power of a hurricane.

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